Little Baby Gorilla Shufai Gets A Cuddle From Asante

Last week we saw Mum Ozala and Lope in a scuffle. During the scuffle Shufai was watching and running out into the main climbing area and this is what Shufai did during that time. He joined Asante. First he swings into Asante. Which makes her get up and have a look what is going on between Lope and his mum, but then she comes back to Shufai and cuddles/plays with him. A great aunt, just there when she is needed.


Another New Baby For Twycross Zoo

A second baby spotted at Twycross Zoo. A Black spider monkey baby. Again it doesn’t look very old. Mum is very protective and cuddling the little one, but new newborn does poke its head out a few times.

Celebrating The Special Gorilla Mum Ozala On Mothers Day

Today ( the 11th March 2018) is British mothers day and who deserves the recognition more than anybody. Of course our Ozala, the Western Lowland Gorilla mum from Twycross Zoo in England. Really she should get a bravery medal lol.
As always she has got her hands full. With Shufai on her back, looking to the outside as the food is being scattered.
Lope gets outside first and does his signature human walk, well in this case, his signature run, because Ozala is actually chasing after him with little baby Shufai on her back. Lope is climbing up the climbing frame and mum is not far behind. At the top he is beating his chest at his mum. In the next clip, back inside Ozalas look says it all and Lope looks back as if to say, who are you looking at mum?
Then it looks like she is pulling Lopes ear. Only for Lope to give his mother a slap afterwards.
Happy Mothers Day Ozala! 🙂 We love you and you’re a great mum!

Celebration Of British Mother’s Day With A Compilation Of Animal Mums

Mothers are celebrating their Mothers Day today in Britain and this is a collection of animal mothers and their offspring. Including some brand new mothers with babies that’s can’t be much more than a week old. Like the black spider monkey and the silvery marmoset, the newest mums at the Twycross zoo in England. You’ll see mum’s that have got their hands full like the bonobos and the loving Orangutan mums that take it easy and some older unseen footage of the Leopard mum with her rare cubs.

New Born Silvery Marmoset Baby

Look what I’ve spotted. A new born baby at the Twycross Zoo in England! What a sight. A silvery Marmoset, a new world monkey with predominantly white fur and a dark tail become a new mum and the baby is just so damn cute. As Twycross Zoo hasn’t made an announcement yet I guess it can’t be much older than a few days old. It clinging on to mums back and even when another Marmoset jumps over her and steps on the new born baby or when mum scratches herself and causes a lot of vibration the little one is holding on. With A close up look on the baby you can just see that little heart beating up and down. Just wait until you see the infant yawn! It must be one of the cutest yawns that you will ever see. Mum is also very protective, when another monkey tries to have a good sniff of the baby, mum quickly turns around and smacks the other silvery Marmoset.
The marmosets reach a size of 18 to 28 cm and only weight about 300g. They are very nosy animals and investigate everything new. The diet of the Silvery Marmosets predominantly consists of tree sap.
Interesting fact: When something threatens them Silvery marmosets wiggle their eyebrows and smack their lips together to scare it away.

Gorilla Mum Ozala And Son Lope In A Scuffle

Oh boy, Lope is getting quite challenging. It all started in the back room of their enclosure. Mum Ozala and Lope having a go at each other and poor little Shufai was watching. Mostly the scuffle didn’t seem too aggressive. They were wrestling, slapping, grabbing and pulling each other. When Lope climbs up the enclosure, mum tries to pull him down again. Asante doesn’t seem to be bothered by the scuffle as she is sitting in the main area quite relaxed. At one point when Lope charged at his mother, it seemed quite forceful and then he pinched/grabbed her arm like he wanted her reaction. Reaction he got, mum charged back at Lope with Shufai on her back (not sure when Shufai got onto mums back as it was off camera view). A little later the table turned again when Lope chased his mother through the climbing area of the enclosure. Then both stopping for a couple of second to catch their breath and then continuing on the floor with mum pinning Lope down. In the middle of all this you can suddenly see Shufai running up to mum and climbing on her back. She then decides to walk off with Shufai and Oumbi is making an appearance. Ozala stared at Lope and you can just read her mind “you little …. , you need to learn some manners towards your mum” There is definitely a lot of tension between the group.I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about Lopes action.
Lope is one of two sons to Ozala and dad Oumbi.
The gorilla family at Twycross consists of 6 members. Oumbi the big male silverback, Ozala the mum of Lope and Shufai. Grandma Bidi and Asante.
In 2009 Oumbi joined Twycross zoo to mate with the females. Ozala was Oumbi chosen mate.
Lope – was born on the morning of 3 January 2013. Shufai was born on the 24th of September 2016.

Snow Leopards Snowy Play Fight

Finally some snow for the Snow Leopard cubs from the Twycross Zoo in England and they’re loving it. Having a good old play fight, stalking each other and rolling around in the snow. The Storm, the beast from the east, as they call it arrives in the UK and most animals enjoy a nice heated inside enclosure, but not these two gorgeous big cats. They can’t think of anything better and having a good play on this snowy day.
The two twin Snow leopard cubs, both female were born in April 2017.This is the third pair for mum Irma and dad Suou.