Is Lope Going To Let Shufai Play With The New Toy?

When Twycross Zoo put a tyre in the Gorilla enclosure, Lope was the first to investigate. This time Shufai is trying to have a little play. He only manages a couple of seconds before Lope comes charging. Lope has swing on the tyre before he sees dad coming and suddenly starts running. Even though Oumbi wasn’t charging at him, I think Lope new to just get out of his way. That gave Shufai a clear coast to continue his play with the tyre. He does his usual circling when suddenly Lope comes charging back. Little Shufai is quickly taking cover over by their mum Ozala. With Lope out of the way again, and Asante watching, Shufai continues his play.

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Lope The Gorilla Doesn’t Get Tired Of His New Toy

Back to our lovable Lope again this week. He’s got a new toy, a tyre. Running straight up to it to investigate it. Swinging , beating his chest with one of the strap in his mouth and just being silly.

Still trying to get to grips with so many negative comments about the last Oumbi and Lope videos, from people that don’t really know the family or just hate zoos. Can I just say: the doors of the gorilla housing to the outside of the enclosure are open most of the time during the day for the gorillas to choose when and if they want to go outside. It only shuts when the keepers scatter the food outside. They’ve also got a small area at the back which they can access at any time to get away from us humans. Just because I do close ups, doesn’t mean that’s all the space they have. Outside they have a climbing frame, a little waterfall, a hut and a den. Yes the enclosure is not the newest out there and hopefully they will get something better in the future. The tiling inside is not the best, but unfortunately necessary as they do need to clean the inside several times a day and they’ve got plenty of wood shavings to make their beds on the floor or up on the climbing frame ( inside and outside) . Twycross Zoo opened it’s doors in 1963 to fulfil their dream of protecting primates. The zoo is constantly changing and has an ambitious Masterplan to change lots more enclosures. They just finished the Chimpanzee Eden project and before that the gibbons got a new enclosure , with lots more to come in the future. Twycross supports over 55 conservation and welfare projects from 27 different countries around the world.
Yes, it would be great if all the animals would be in the wild rather than a zoo and I would give everything for that, but unfortunately that’s not a world we live in anymore. I will leave it at that, as the comment section of the last videos are heated up enough already. I understand everybody has their own views and I’m happy to hear those views, but there are some people out there that can’t have a reasonable discussion and are just abusive and threatening to other people. I have already deleted lots of comments that were very aggressive and in some cases threatening. As there are a lot of comments, I might miss this kind of comments if YouTube hasn’t filtered them already. So please let me know if you feel you’ve been threatened and I will delete the comments and ban the user from the channel.
Thank you for all your support!

Running Baby Rhino Doesn’t Want To Go Inside At Bedtime

This is the full of beans greater one-horned rhino calf that just doesn’t get tired. Getting bigger every day, he’s four month old.
Akeno just loves to run around his habitat. After being outside nearly all day, it’s time for the little one and his mother to go inside, so they can let the dad Beni out for him to enjoy the bigger enclosure for the rest of the day. Just one little problem, Akeno is having none of it. He just doesn’t want to stay in the back long enough for the staff to close the door. He has still too much energy to burn off and wants to run. I just love seeing the not so little cutie running around like crazy and having fun. You can’t help but smile at the side of it. He’s running around the pond, bumping into mum Asha. Asha keeps going inside, but also comes back out again to see where her son is. Looks like dad has to wait a bit longer for his dinner and the bigger enclosure.
Also known as the greater one-horned rhinoceros and great Indian rhinoceros the baby was born at the Chester Zoo, Cheshire England at around 6pm on 3rd of May 2018. It is a male and they named him Akeno, meaning “beautiful sunrise”. Asha his 11 year old mum, had a 16 month pregnancy and only a 20-minute labour. The dad Beni is separated from these two, presumably for safety reasons.

Gorilla Youngster Loves His Jumper

Another look at the Bristol Gorillas. ( Back To Twycross Gorillas next week!) This time it’s Afia that managed to get hold of the jumper from the other gorilla that you saw earlier in the week and has some fun with it. She obviously watched closely as she mimics the other gorilla by vigorously shaking the jumper. Wrapping it around her neck she climbs to her spot and puts it on her head. Seemingly proud of the Shirt, she starts to beat her chest with the clothing in her teeth. When she moves again she continues to play dress up by wrapping it around her head.
Afia is also called the wonder child, as she was born by emergency section as her mother Kera was very poorly. She was then hand reared by the keepers for 8 month, with Kera showing no maternal instincts, experienced mum Romina took over. Kera has recovered and is back with the rest of the group.

Bristol Gorilla Trying To Get Into T-Shirt

Only for this week a different Gorilla group, but don’t worry I’ll be back to Twycross soon! This group is from the Bristol Zoo. Kukena the female gorilla has been given a T-Shirt and isn’t too sure what to do about it. First, she things it’s laundry day and shakes it like crazy. All that effort needs a big applause wich she is giving herself afterwards. She then slings the T-Shirt on her back and moves away towards her hut. There she tries to figure out what the T-shirt is all about and she is trying to put it on. Touching the shirt on both bottom ends she looks like she wants to try and put it on. When it doesn’t quite work how she wants to, she smells it and slings onto her back again and walks off. At the end she gives herself another applause.

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