Adorable Otter Shows How Much He Loves His Fresh Bedding

This is the adorable Asian short clawed otter , also called the oriental small clawed otter from the Twycross Zoo in England. Coming out of his den he went straight for his new fresh bedding, a pile of straw. He shows the love for it like us humans do when we just can’t wait to snuggle up in our freshly washed bedding. He just loves to snuggle and wiggle in his straw and in the process he probably leaves his scent for the others to tell them: “This is my bed!” Just look at his face, he is really loving it. Looking up into the camera in between, before he puts is head in to straw and wiggles it about. Once he gets himself in a good sleeping position he quickly dozes off, curled up in a ball on his straw. Sleep tight, sweet dreams little Otter.
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Silverback Gorilla Oumbi Can Be Very Patience

Oumbi might like to display his dominance by charging and poking out his chest at everybody, but he can also be very calm when he wants to be and in this video he has got a lot of patience with his two sons as they love running circles around him. If it wasn’t for him moving later on, you would of thought that he was a statue. There is a little pause when Oumbi seems to put Lope on hold for a few seconds, but than the brothers continue. Watch Lope as he moves around slowly, being cheeky again, he gives Oumbi a slight nudge with his hand.

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Gorilla Mum Lending A Helping Hand When Lope Has Got An Itch

We all know what it’s like to have an itch and you just can’t reach it. Well Lope the gorilla youngster from the Twycross zoo has got the same problem. He’s slapping himself and trying everything to reach the itchy spot. His foot moving to give him a bit more momentum. Oumbi lying next to him and his hand flipping onto Lope and trying to grab him. It all gets interrupted by Shufai suddenly pouncing on his big brother and quickly running away again. Later mum Ozala gives Lope that helping hand to investigate that itch. Lopes face says it all. Common Ozala give it good scratch!
I suddenly started itching. 🙂

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Baby Gibbon Knows How To Hold On – No Matter What

Times can be difficult if you’re a little baby gibbon….when mum meo moves, she expects little baby Gary to hold on to her and that he does. Even with one hand hanging off mums back. His little, long, thin arms and legs look so fragile, but he’s holding on.

Gorilla Baby Shufai Trying To Move His Older Brother

Both the Gorilla brothers are playing again. This time little Shufai is trying to move Lope by grabbing his backside with all his strength and trying to lift/move him. I think he needs to eat a few more veggies to succeed lol.
Oumbie watching and Grandma Bidi having her lunch.

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Nosey Cows

This is something a bit different. These are the wild, roaming nosey mixed breed cows from the Chasewater Country Park, Burntwood Staffordshire England. There are quite unique with their markings, something a bit different from your average black and white cows. Cows have always been known to be very nosey and these certainly live up to this. On my photo walk these just came up to me from the woods to have a good close up look at what I was doing and a good slobber all over the camera. These cattle are used for conservation grazing, which plays a vital role in maintaining and improving vital habitats. They are often referred to as the Chasewater’s four-legged gardeners. Every summer they can graze freely at the nature reserve. They are well used to people and as you can see they couldn’t be any friendlier. They have such an inquisitive nature and clever identity that they simply make me smile. I just feel sorry for them with all those pesky flies, I only had to endure these flies during filming; they have to live with it day in and day out. Chasewater Country Park situated in Staffordshire, England where the channel meets the waterway reservoir. It covers 360 hectares, including 90 hectares of water. The surrounding heathland and woods support many different species of wildlife, including deer. The reservoir gives the Canals basic water to keep up levels in the Birmingham Canal Network, and beyond.

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Jambo The Hairless Chimpanzee

An update on Jambo and nothing much has changed. He’s still running around, keeping everybody in check and kicking the door to show his power. As it is very hot outside at the moment, he seems to know wants god for him, avoiding a sunburn and is staying in doors most of the time.
Jambo has got alopecia, which never stopped him doing anything. He found love and he is the alpha male of the troup.

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