Chimpanzee Enjoys Getting Her Nose Picked

This is Coco, the mum of Jambo. She also has alopecia like her son Jambo, but hasn’t quite lost all of her hair. She has been with Twycross Zoo since 1969. She was born in 1965.
She seems to enjoy getting her nose picked by what looks like her daughter. She has a real good go at mums nose and yes she does eat the bogey (booger) afterwards. “Lovely!” lol
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Gorilla Shufai And Lope Love To Chase Each Other

Lope and Shufai are chasing each other. Asante watching the two until Ozala comes into the room. When the play stops, Lope beats his chest at Shufai, almost as to say c’mon and get me. Which Shufai does. He only stops in his track when dad comes out of the back room and Lope comes out of the other door. They continue to play in front of dad. Oumbi is throwing his stick away when he finished ripping off the bark while his two sons still play chase. Watch out for the moment when Lope moves to the right site! Look what grandma does. If you blink, you miss it. 🙂 Lope just looks at Biddy as to say, what did you do that for, I wasn’t anywhere near you and then the play continues.

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Elephant Baby Trying To Push Big Brother Into Water

These are the Elephant brothers from the Köln Zoo. I’m not sure what it is, but everytime I see baby male Elephants they seem to have the knack of annoying there much larger siblings. This one is trying it’s best to push the bigger one into the water. Keep running up to him and pushing again.
Unfortunately I can’t tell you their names as it is quite a big herd and this is the first time I’ve seen them.
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Orangutan Dad Is a Bit Rough With His Baby Son

The male borneo orangutan Batu is following his son Basuki through the outdoor enclosure. He keeps trying to grab his son, but he is getting away and climbs the net. He is not out of reach, so Batu pulls his son down. It all looks a bit rough and scary, especially when he opens his mouth close to the baby’s head. He then carries Basuki away, until Basuki wiggles free again and is trying once more to get away. Dad follows and grabs him again by his little arms. I don’t think Batu wanted to hurt the baby, he was just very determined to get his son inside and Basuki really didn’t want to go. He did manage in the end, but it wasn’t long before Basuki seem to escape again and came outside heading for the climbing net. When Batu came out again, little Basuki quickly headed for his mum.

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More Clips From Gorilla Lope’s 6th Birthday Party

Some more clips from Lopes Birthday Party.
Lope is playing and in investigating the rest of the cardboard tubes. Shufai had enough of the grains and gets some mother’s milk instead. Yep he’s still sometimes suckling! They say gorillas are normally still nursing between 2 ½ – 3 years. The two brothers are playing with the tubes and Oumbi makes sure Ozala moves when he wants to sit in the back corner.

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Long Wait Over As Mekong The Gibbon Finally Ventures Outside

This is the little critically endangered northern white cheeked gibbon baby Mekong. Now he’s got his permanent black adult colour. (They are born cream colour, then change to black. Males stay black and females change back to the creamy colour when they reach about 8 years). You might remember me saying in the earlier videos that I was waiting for the family to finally use their outdoor enclosure. Ever since they build the new enclosure none of the family went outside, even though the doors were always open for them to explore. A few month back Baby Mekong managed to just get a little bit outside just in front of the door. I’ve been checking on them again to see if anything changed and was lucky enough to see Mekong was in front of the door again with mum still holding on to him, but then dragging him back inside again. A little wait was all that was needed and Mekong came outside, properly outside! He made it! And he seem to enjoy every second of his outside enclosure! Munching on some fresh plucked leaves and moving like a whirlwind. This just made my day. Now he just needs to make his parents see that it is fun outside and nothing to be afraid of.
In Feb 2016 the great gibbon Forest opened at Twycross Zoo in England. Since then ( and to my knowledge ) the white critically endangered northern white cheeked gibbon female Kampuchea and Earl the male never ventured outside. In April 2017 Kampuchea had baby boy named Mekong.

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