Hungry Wild Red Fox Tries To Steal Dog Chew

A close up of a wild red fox, a frequent visitor to the garden, has a real go at the tied up dog chew. She’s pulling, having a tag of war with the dog chew. I love it when she looks up to see if anybody is watching and then just carrying on afterwards. At the end she licks her lips. It must have been a nice treat for her.
Yes, I know she has got a tick on her head, I wish I could remove it, but I don’t think she will let me 🙂


Gorilla Lope’s Quirk Compilation

Just a little compilation of some of Lopes not so well known quirks that make him such a lovable character.
His funny walks, his left leg kicking out when he walks on all fours , knocking on the shelter and swinging his arms and doing a little hop, my favourite. Not quite sure what he was doing inside the enclosure, but hey that’s Lope.

Gorilla Siblings Lope And Shufai

Some more footage from Lope and his little brother Shufai. Shufai still trying to bite his older brother playfully while Lopes arms seem floppy and lets his baby brother do what he does.
I added a clip on the end as well, as I thought that was an especially sweet moment between these two brothers.


Hairless Chimpanzee Enjoying His Food

Hairless chimpanzee is really enjoying his food. The zoo staff put it a lot of vegetables in a bottle and some wood shavings to make it a bit harder to get to. You can see Jambo removing the wood shaving and eating the vegetables. Jambo suffers from alopecia, which is the general medical term for hair loss.
Twycross Zoo is building a new enclosure for the chimpanzees and should be ready next year!

Gibbon Has Fun With Its Crazy Tree Acrobatics

This Lar Gibbon ( white-handed gibbon) seems to have a great time doing crazy acrobatics on the tree. Dudley Zoo in England has a good enclosure. Large natural trees and bushes growing on the banks of the Dudley Castle for the gibbons to climb on and have fun in and this one certainly makes use of all that space. Did you know that gibbons aren’t monkeys? There are actually smaller apes or lesser apes. Like all apes, gibbons are tailless.

Orangutan Infant Explores Surroundings Without Mum

Orangutan infant is exploring his surroundings at the Twycross Zoo in England without his mum, but she isn’t that far away and has a watchful eye on her son. He’s inspecting the climbing net and having a wander. Just look at his hairdo, he just so cute. He’s still crawling along when mum comes and picks him up of the grass.

Curious Monkeys – Who’s Watching Who?

Curious Monkeys – Who’s Watching Who?
Curious Monkeys, the Yellow-breasted Capuchin and the Pygmy marmoset come close to have a nosy at the camera. The baby Capuchin monkey is having a good look and licks the glass . Mom is giving the camera a quick smile. The funny New World monkey keeps turning its head with the other one watching. Makes you wonder who is watching who?
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Play Time For Gorilla Siblings Lope And Shufai

More sweet moments from the two Gorilla siblings Lope and Shufai. It shows off Lopes soft spot for his little brother. Shufai is full of energy today. They’re having a great time. Just like humans I guess, on minute you love your sibling the next minute you fight like dogs and cats, but when it comes to it, you are family.

Gorilla Dad Stops Son Playing With The Food And Taps His Leg Out

As you saw in my earlier videos, baby Gorilla Shufai had a great time playing with the tree branches. Dad later decided he is going to take all the tree branches away, to take with him inside. He’s obviously not keen on his son playing with the food. Brave Shufai follows him as to say “what you are you doing, give me back those branches.” Back outside again, Shufai actually managed to get one of the tree branches back, minus some leaves, but Oumbi is having none of it and jerks the branch out of Shufais hand. Mum sitting there enjoying her food, not at all worried about her son getting hurt. She knows he’s fine and you know how protective she is from my other videos. Look at little Shufai though, he’s not fazed by his dad and follows him again. Unfortunately dad being dad, when Shufai touched his leg he taps his leg out ( a “David Beckham” style world cup kick which he deserves a red card for.) and grazed his son. As you can see, Shufai is fine, more bewildered than anything else and then just runs off.