Is Gorilla Mum Ozala Jealous Or Just Wants Some Peace?

Not sure If Ozala, Lopes mum is getting jealous after him and Biddi had such a great time playing or she just wants 5 minutes in peace. Lope and Bidi had a little rest, when Ozala suddenly decided to charge towards them with Shufai on her back, pounding her chest. Lope comes running towards her, looking like he wants to play, if you look closely she’s giving Lope a little bit of an evil eye. Lope rolls away from her and moves closer to Bidi and once again Ozala charges towards those two. They run down the Slope with Lope nearly rolling backwards. It’s like Ozala is fed up with those two having a good time, not sure. Anyway Lope goes back up to the her, when she’s just about to make herself comfy with the wood shaving. Watch as Lope is aroching Mum, Ozala looks at him and her arm drops. Like she’s thinking oh no not again, please just give me a minute peace. Lope being Lope he doesn’t give up and goes back again. When Lope touches her nose, she pushes him away , but then she squeezed his back and Lope lovengly grabs her hand. Rolling away again, Ozala continues with getting herself some sunshade and hopefully that little bit of peace in the sunshine.


More Footage Of The Gibbon Baby From Dudley Zoo

Some more footage of the Baby Lar Gibbon from the Dudley Zoo in England.
Born on the March 14 2018 , it is the third baby to mum Meo and dad Huggy. Their other offspring are six-year-old Penny and three-year-old Indah.

More Wrestling Mania From Gorilla Lope And Grandma

As promised some more Lope and Bidi Wrestling action. In this video Bidi makes the first move in approaching Lope. My longest video yet and I hope you will enjoy watching those two play. Lopes big smile, showing his teeth, you can really see how much fun he’s having. Climbing on grandma’s back, doing his twirls, rolls and repeatedly “ambushing” Bidi. If only all the grandmas were this much fun 🙂

Bonobo Ape Is Showing Off Amazing Backflip

The weather is finally getting better as it is warming up and the animals like the Bonobo ape is showing his cheerfulness by his acrobatics around the enclosure. First he’s quite happily rolling around and stretching out in the sun, but when that gets a bit boring he decides to run up to a wooden pole in the ground and he executes a perfect 360 back flip. I’m not sure if he just wants to show off his skills or did he watch the footballers do a goal celebration? If it is the latter, than they definitely shot a lot of goals as he is doing multiple flips! Just watch the slow motion, how effortless he is doing his backflip! He then just falls down into the grass, wiggles about and is just enjoying the day. He is finishing with another roll down the slope.
Whatever else for the Bonobo?
Many people think they are Chimpanzees, but although they are very similar and both are closely related to humans, the bonobo is a lot slender in appearance. With the Chimpanzees the males are the dominant, but the bonobo the females. Unfortunately like a lot of other animals they are threatened by habitat loss and human population growth. Twycross zoo is helping the bonobos getting back to the wild by supporting the Conservation Welfare fund with the daily running of the sanctuary Lola ya Bonobo. In June this year the sanctuary is planning to release 13 more bonobos to the wild!

Gorilla Lope And Grandma In Fun Wrestling Match

Lope the Western lowland gorilla youngster surprised me on the weekend. I never seen him have this much contact with Bidi his grandma. Lope is just full of beans. He’s literally running rings around her 🙂 He slowly approaches her at first and then dashes and pounds on her. Grandma seemed to be ready to have a play and you can see both of them really enjoy the wrestling match. You can’t help but laugh when Lope starts to move away from her and starts to circle around her with grandma moving around as well and watching every move. I watched it that many times, I got dizzy. lol When lope finally stops circling both have a stare at each other and I think Bidi is glad she can have a little breather.
Lope has one more pounce and then both are resting FOR NOW! More to come as soon as I get chance!

Fascinating Hairless Chimp Shows He’s The Boss In His New Habitat

Finally after years of planning, Twycross zoo in Atherstone England opened the new 1,160sqm semi-translucent Chimpanzee habitat called Eden, which is designed to replicate the wild environment as close as possible.
The first 5 chimps have now been moved in and the public got the first look at the new home. They have been in the new enclosure for a few days before opening to get used to their new home. Looking at Jambo, the alpha male with his sidekick Rosie, they seemed still quite unsure of it all. Looking around and just generally taking it all in. At times it seems like they are still stunned and can’t quite figure everything out. For now, only the inside is open as the bad weather prevented the outside to be finished. The landscape needs a bit more work. Also they are waiting to move the rest of the chimpanzees over before they open the outdoors and as you can see in the beginning of the video, Twycross staff has already done a great job and the size is just amazing.
Jambo has a good look around and even comes up to the window to say hello to the visitors, while Rosie found a little side window to look at all the people. More climbing going on for Jambo and then he shows everybody that he is still the boss , the alpha male jumps down and runs forcefully towards the metal door and kicks it with his powerful legs. Not just the once, he runs up to the door again and does the same, before he returns to be calm and just sitting there on the climbing straps.
The question on your mind is, why is Jambo hairless? People also call him the “naked chimp”. Some people think they shaved him or that he is ill. The truth is, the ape has alopecia, a medical term for hair loss and he had it since adolescence. He is now 35 years old and with his hair gone you can simply see how powerfully muscular he is. Being hairless hasn’t stopped him from anything, rather the opposite as he’s the alpha male and rules his habitat.

Orangutan Benji Has “Fun” With His Gum

Some more footage of this lovable Orangutan Borneo Orangutan male Benji from the Dudley zoo in the West Midlands, England. Well not actually sure a he looks quite as lovable after what he does this time 🙂 Last week he was busy chewing his substitute gum today he’s got other plans with it and it’s not quite what you would expect. He must of taken lessons from the young Orangutan Sprout that did the same thing a while ago with some moss. If you would like to see the video, the link is on the end screen.