Curious Monkeys – Who’s Watching Who?

Curious Monkeys – Who’s Watching Who?
Curious Monkeys, the Yellow-breasted Capuchin and the Pygmy marmoset come close to have a nosy at the camera. The baby Capuchin monkey is having a good look and licks the glass . Mom is giving the camera a quick smile. The funny New World monkey keeps turning its head with the other one watching. Makes you wonder who is watching who?
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Play Time For Gorilla Siblings Lope And Shufai

More sweet moments from the two Gorilla siblings Lope and Shufai. It shows off Lopes soft spot for his little brother. Shufai is full of energy today. They’re having a great time. Just like humans I guess, on minute you love your sibling the next minute you fight like dogs and cats, but when it comes to it, you are family.

Gorilla Dad Stops Son Playing With The Food And Taps His Leg Out

As you saw in my earlier videos, baby Gorilla Shufai had a great time playing with the tree branches. Dad later decided he is going to take all the tree branches away, to take with him inside. He’s obviously not keen on his son playing with the food. Brave Shufai follows him as to say “what you are you doing, give me back those branches.” Back outside again, Shufai actually managed to get one of the tree branches back, minus some leaves, but Oumbi is having none of it and jerks the branch out of Shufais hand. Mum sitting there enjoying her food, not at all worried about her son getting hurt. She knows he’s fine and you know how protective she is from my other videos. Look at little Shufai though, he’s not fazed by his dad and follows him again. Unfortunately dad being dad, when Shufai touched his leg he taps his leg out ( a “David Beckham” style world cup kick which he deserves a red card for.) and grazed his son. As you can see, Shufai is fine, more bewildered than anything else and then just runs off.

Baby Gorilla Shufai Having Fun With A Tree Branch

Cute baby gorilla Shufai is having fun with playing the tree branch. Having a few stumbles and dragging it along. He’s just full of energy today. Shufai is having a quick run to look what Lope is up to on that rope, but than quickly returning to the tree branch.

If you want more, there is a second video coming up shortly!

Prickly Business – Otter Versus Thorny Bush

This Otter from the Twycross Zoo is having a battle with a thorny bush in his enclosure. You would think he would of chosen the much easier tree on the other site of his enclose, but no only this thorny bush will do. His mate is watching him and giving him a quick poke with his nose as if to say, hey, what are you doing? When he finally got the piece he wanted, it gets proudly paraded. Otters love to collect bits and bobs for building their nests.
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Lope The Gorilla Youngster Is Getting Chased

Thank you for everyone that voted on my YouTube Poll who is chasing Lope. Shufai was a slow start to get the votes and most of you said the dad would be chasing Lope, but in the end Shufai took the lead with 31% . As you can see, yes Shufai is chasing Lope. I also made the video longer, because lots of you requested a longer video. So hopefully you won’t get bored now, but who can get bored with Lope and Shufai? 🙂 It was a real pleasure watching little baby Shufai chasing after Lope. I think Shufai had a lot more energy than his big brother. As Lope seemed to get quite tired and maybe even a bit annoyed, but watch til the end to see what happens!

Look At This Little Baby Gibbon Go

This is the cute baby gibbon from the Twycross Zoo in England. Look at him go. You can see mum sitting by the door. For some reason, she likes to look at the outside, but not go outside. I never seen her, the dad or baby outside. Even though the door is always open. It is such a shame as they’ve got a really great outside space. They opened the new enclosure in February 2016 and I was really hoping they would adventure outside. The critically endangered northern white cheeked gibbon Females are a cream colour, and males are black.
An interesting fact is that all babies are born with a cream colour, and will change to black after about 1 to 2 years! When they reach sexual maturity, between between 7-8 years, males remain black and females change back to their cream colour! So this baby is going to change to black in the next year or so.

Shufai Playing Inside

Shufai the gorilla baby from Twycross Zoo in England is having fun and games in his inside enclosure. He runs around in circles, dragging a huge tree branch behind him which keeps getting stuck. He’s free to play outside as well, but as the whole family choose to be inside so is little Shufai.
Shufai was born on the 24th September 2013. His mum is Ozala and dad the huge Silverback is called Oumbi.

Lope The Gorilla Youngster Has A Go At Asanti

In my earlier video from today Lope was standing well clear of mum. Now he must of decided, if I can’t get close to mum I just have a go at Asanti instead. It’s feeding time and Lope had more than his share, but Asanti seems to have something that Lope wants. He’s getting close to her, has a smell of what she is chewing, but Asanti is in no mood for sharing and pushes Lope out of the way to move on. What does Lope do…he decides to give her a smack on the nose, repeatedly. Asanti doesn’t seem to be that bothered by Lopes action and takes it all in her stride.