Siblings Surround Fallen Newborn Baby Elephant

These are the Elephants from the Chester zoo in Cheshire, England. The two month old new born baby called Anjan, has fallen to the ground and can’t seem to get up again. At first just the two siblings surround him and try to help him get up. Than the third one is joining them. Nandita the oldest calf seems to try and move him gently with her foot. Or maybe she is just trying to tell him to get up again. The poor little baby appears to struggle in the sand and all those big feet of his sisters and brother you would think he was getting trampled on. When you see one of them just narrowly missing the baby’s trunk with the foot, it does make you cringe, but in fact they are so gentle. It is more like a nudge to get him back up again. In the end Nandita gives him some pushes with her trunk and the baby finally manages to get back on his feet again. A great happy ending.
And this is the little baby’s story:
Anjan was like a miracle baby! Chester zoo was in for a surprise when the mom Thi Hi Way gave birth. She was 3 month overdue and returned to her normal weight making everyone believe she lost the baby, but to everybody’s surprise she managed to deliver this cute bundle of joy on the 17th of May 2018 at 3 am, after a 25 month pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby boy called Anjan Hi Way.


Gorilla Brothers Having Fun Playing Inside

Not too much happening at the moment with the Gorilla Family. I think it is just too hot to play and be silly. Here Lope and Shufai, have a little bit of energy and play inside where it is a bit cooler.

Bonobo Ape Uses Bottle Cap As Drinking Tool

This clever Bonobo has found a bottle lid and uses it as a cup to drink from the water in the little pond.
Bonobos are humans closest living relative sharing an incredible 99.6% of our DNA! Twycross Zoo is the only Zoo in the UK who’s got these great apes.

Lope The Gorilla Has Got A Spring In His Step

You can’t help but smile when you see Lope the gorilla youngster. Here with a spring in his step, starting off with his famous commando roll, then swinging his arms in a big way walking like a human and beating his chest. Then he’s got you in stitches when he is not only walking on two feet, but he starts running like it as well. Another roll and another little jump. That’s our Lope.

Mum Defends Newborn Diana Monkey Against Energetic Big Brother

Mum defends newborn diana monkey against over energetic brother – sound familiar? 🙂 I know gorilla Lope was a handful when his little brother was born, but this one must of drunk a whole shop full of energy drinks.
I featured this family before when first-time parents mum, De’Arly and dad Manu had Khari in April 2016. Khari was the first Diana monkey to be born at Twycross since 1987! Two years later and Khari has now got a sibling! (not named yet), another great achievement from Twycross zoo and their breeding program for this rare type of monkey. I can only feel sorry for the parents. They already had a lot to deal with having such energetic son, but with the newborn and a brother that wants constant attention from its parents it will be quite a challenge for De’Arly and Manu. Well more for Mum De’Arly, as Dad seemed to hide behind the trees most of the time. Actually the hiding bit sounds familiar as well 🙂

Oumbi The Silverback Gorilla Is In A Doghouse

Ozala the female Gorilla from Twycross zoo seemed to have a problem with Oumbi, the father of their kids. Both the adults are sitting outside, but finding it hard to look at each other.
Shufai their son is behind mums back. When Ozala finally does look at Oumbi with an irritable face, he starts looking back at her. They hold their gaze for a second, but then Ozala makes a move towards the Silverback – like she is telling him to stop looking at her. Then Oumbi runs off in a huff, arms waving and he looks like he just wants some peace and quiet. I can hear him in my mind saying, women just leave it, stop nagging me. lol He moves to another corner, but gets followed by Ozala with Shufai on her back. He then gives Ozala a little push and runs off again. Everybody follows Oumbi again, but walk past him as he just sits down. Finally he gets some peace. For now anyway 🙂

Dartmoor Ponies

More from the Dartmoor Ponies at the beautiful Dartmoor National park in Devon, England with its far reaching landscape views. You’ve got the famous wild roaming Dartmoor Ponies one of the horse breeds, cows and sheep which all graze freely on the moors all year round.