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Bonobo Not Sure If He Wants To Be A Optician Or Dentist

Not the best footage, as it looks like I had to much coffee that morning. Sorry about that. I still thought if was quite funny, how intensely the bonobo from the Twycross zoo is cleaning his mates eyes and the one getting the treatment just laying there, as if to say just do what you got to do. When finished with the eyes, the bonobo carries on as a dental hygienist and inspects the teeth.


Asante Enjoys Her Chunk Of Snow

Another Snow one, last one. Well unless we get more snow at some point 🙂
Asante the western lowland gorilla found some more snow and after loosing half of it before, she now seems to distance herself from the others to just enjoy it in peace. She keeps looking if anybody else is coming her way. Ducking down a little, like she wants to hide. The only one was Biddi getting her share quickly, leaving Asante to enjoy hers.

Time To Hit The Hay

Time to hit the Hay for this Chimpanzee from the Twycross zoo in England. As the zoo nearly closes the door, the animals are getting ready to go to sleep. While all the other chimps choose to go inside, this one preferred the clear night under the stars. She made herself, what looks like a really comfy bed by getting all the wood shavings together from the enclosure and making a nest. She has a good look around, starts to yawn and starts to wrap some more shavings around herself and covers herself. She seemed to be really pleased with what she has done, it almost looks like a little smile. Chimpanzees and bonobos are known to construct night nests. They can also build nap nests to rest in the afternoon, but these nest are normally not as well constructed as the night nests. Great apes (including us) are unique in that we build sleeping platforms, or beds. Other primates sleep on branches.

Getting Snow The Lope Way

Another video of Lope getting his portion of some snow and of course he does it with attitude, just the Lope way. Climbing up to the platform with some wood shavings in his arms and than standing tall, dropping the wood shavings and beating his chest. He gathers some snow together as much as he can fit on his hand, dismounts from the platform and runs inside with it. He sticks the chunk of snow in his mouth to climb to the top and enjoy it there.

Gorilla Asante Loses Some Of Her Snow To Lope And Ozala

Asante managed to grab some snow as it melted quickly that day. When she had her hands full she quickly run off with it. I think she was planning on going inside, but then Lope came around the corner and I’m not sure if he tried to grab some snow of Asante or if it just fell. Ozala followed Lope with Shufai on her back and picked up some of the dropped snow as well. When mum sits down to eat her snow, little Shufai is just looking at her as to say Is it nice? Can I have some please. 🙂

Mum And Baby Bonobo Playing Tag

Mum and Baby Bonobo having a great time with what looks like they’re playing tag. Running after each other around a rock in their enclosure.
Formally called the pygmy chimpanzee, the dwarf or gracile chimpanzee the Bonobos are part of the great ape family and are our closest living relatives, sharing around 98% of our DNA. Like so many animals these ape species are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List and is threatened by habitat destruction and human population growth.
Twycross Zoo is the only zoo in Great Britain that breeds the Bonobos, which are often mistaken for chimpanzees.

Son Shows Huge Silverback Gorilla How To Handle Snow

The Gorilla Family from the Twycross zoo in England woke up this morning to freezing weather and some snow. Even though the family doesn’t like to stay outside in the cold, they do love to eat snowballs! Oumbi the big Silverback Gorilla was the first to go outside to get himself some white stuff. He did his tightrope walk to the other site of the platform where he gathered the fresh snow together and ended up with a huge chunk of snow on his hand. He started eating a little of his snow outside, but then decided he wanted to take it inside as he prefers to eat it inside. Oumbi started to cross the rope again, but as you can see in the video, holding the chunk of snow in one hand and crossing the rope wasn’t as easy as it looks for him as he starts wobbling and dropping some of the snow. The big ape decides it would be safer to get back to the platform. A little later Lope had the same idea as dad, but just look at little Lope go. With no fuss at all, he gathers the snow into his hand and just dismounts from the platform like a pro. Smooth as a baby’s bottom. Oumbi can’t be outdone by his son and gives it another go. This time he changed his method and just stuffs it all in his mouth to carry. This works a lot better and he successfully dismounts the platform, walks towards the inside and as you can see enjoys the snowball ‘ice cream’ inside.