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Silverback Gorilla Realizes Looking After His Kids Is Not So Easy


While the girls are out :-), Oumbi the silverback gorilla seems to be stuck with looking after the kids again. Not an easy job when Lope is after some attention. You can just image Lopes brain going hundred miles an hour trying to think of a way to annoy his dad. When he wiggles with his bum and swings his leg out a bit too close to dads head, Oumbi lets him get away with it and tries to ignore him, but as Lope doesn’t give up that easily he does it again. This time the Silverback reacts by pushing him away and showing his teeth. Lope sits there for a second chewing his stick like nothing has happened and then he starts again. Lope obviously knows that he can push him little bit further. Oumbi moves into a different position and Lope has his backside to him again, that doesn’t quite work this time, so instead turns around at his resting dad and touches his face. Nope first time didn’t work, so he has to try again. That did the job; Oumbi shows the teeth at Lope again and lifts up his arm. That’s enough for Lope to back off. Lope sits down, looking to the floor like he is sulking that nobody wants to play with him. Common Dad, have a little fun and play with your son. 🙂


Orangutan Under Cover


Orangutan youngster Tatau from the Paignton Zoo is playing with the duvet cover. She loves hiding and playing with it and she only comes out to have a taste of the refreshing orange lollipop. When she had enough of the lollipop and playing with the cover, she decides it’s time to spent some time with mum, she cuddles her and then takes her by her hand to lead her to a different spot for more cuddles.

Gorilla Lope And Shufai Playing Outside


The Gorillas family is outside eating and Lope is starting to chase Shufai. Not too much running in this hot weather, they prefer to wrestle instead. Watch Oumbi later when little Shufai runs past him. It looks like Dad is trying to trip him up, slow him down or he just wants to be part of his sons fun and games. OR, he just wants to look good in front of Ozala, show her that he does keep an eye on these two.

Gorilla Brothers Play Close To Sleepy Giant


It’s still hot in England and the gorillas prefer the inside to the outside heat. For the two brothers Lope and Shufai is playtime again. Oumbi looks sleepy and is relaxing in the back – like a sleepy giant compared to his sons. While Lope is sitting there holding the rope, Shufai is making a grand entrance from above sliding down the rope to play with his brother. They play so close to oumbi again, that i was just surprised Oumbi kept his calm.

Oumbi The Silverback When He Gets Hungry


Lope is enjoying his big stick, when Oumbi the silverback gorilla is charging at him. Lope just jumps a little, but continues to enjoy his snack. Oumbi charges again, but it’s more puffed out chest then anything else. You can see him just slightly touching Lope, but nothing else. Once Oumbi got it out of his system, he just sits down and watches Lope. Later on you can see the both of them opposite each other, with Lope watching his dad eat. Just like human men, when they get hungry, they’ll get grumpy lol. Other sticks were available to eat as well, but what would be the fun in having something that is easily available :-).

Gibbon Mothers Bizarre Moment Towards Her New Born Baby


You saw mum the other day being quite caring with her newborn baby son Gary. Seeing them again, mum leaves Gary on the grass and then turns back, which she does quite often, but then she acts all strange towards him. Not quite sure what to make of it. It’s like she doesn’t recognize him. She tries to grab him, but doesn’t seem to be entirely sure how to. She gives it ago, but pulls back again and then Gary puts his arm around mums arm and meo lifts him up with him hanging from her arm. They both sit down and everything looks like it’s back to normal. Quite bizarre.

Newborn Gibbon Baby Happy When Mum Comes Back


The Lar gibbon mum Meo leaves her newborn baby son Gary ( yes Gary, sorry, still can’t get over the name, who ever choose that one? lol) on the grass while she looks for food. Little Gary enjoys a flower to eat while mum was gone. When Meo comes back the baby’s eyes light up and he grabs his mum. It takes a bit of a struggle to find mums teat, but he gets there in the end.