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Chimpanzees Get Excited Over Birthday Party


It’s Tulis 10th Birthday. Twycross zoo made the celebration special by putting on a special feast out for the chimps including the layered frozen ice cake. They whole enclosure got decorated with hats, plates and paper chains and lots of scattered food.
Look out for the chimp that really gets in the party mood, by having the paper chain around his neck!! You would of thought he just got caught up in it, but watch closely! He actually looses the paper chain a couple of times and puts it back around his neck!
A great Party Twycross!

Lope The Gorilla Youngster Has Some Quality Time With His Mother


After the scary incident with Lope and his Dad, here is a video that is more heartwarming. Mum and Lope finally having a good play, cuddle and just some quality time together. Baby brother Shufai is playing in the back.
Can I just say a big thank you to all my subscribers for watching and supporting my channel. Of course also to my occasional watchers, hopefully you might subscribe in the future 🙂 It is my pleasure to show you the continuing story of Lope and his family and that you enjoy it as much as I do!

Annoyed Silverback Pounces On Son Who Screams His Lungs Out


Oumbi the gorilla from Twycross zoo is quite agitated by the fact that he and his family been locked outside all day, because their inside enclosure is getting new ropes and a new climbing frames. Normally he can choose to go inside or stay outside when he wants. As they are all having a peek through the window and door, Oumbi is getting mad and lets his frustration out on his Son by pouncing on him. Lope is screaming his lungs out. Even though it sounds pretty scary, Lope was unharmed and it looked like it was more the shock that made him scream that loud rather than anything else. When Lope walks away, he just looks at his dad as to say: ‘WTF DAD? What was that all about, I didn’t do anything’ and then has a little bit of a sulk and keeps staring at dad. In the end they manage both to look through the window side by side, but the youngster is still cautious and moves out of the way when dad moves.

Lopes Best Approach Yet In Getting To His Baby Brother


I hope you love this video as much as I do. It just makes me laugh how Lope the gorilla youngster is sliding down the hill backwards to get to his baby brother Shufai, but it’s well worth it, as he has some quality time with his brother. Just look at those two play. 🙂

Gorilla Does Belly Flops Downhill


Gorillas just want to have fun. Especially Lope. Look at him Belly flopping down the hill! Running around his enclosure, doing his little rolls and not forgetting giving grandma Bidi a cheeky slap on the backside.
Please Note video is partly looped and slowed down.
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Hairless Chimpanzee With Pouting Lips Kicking Door With Force


Twycross zoo is building a great big new enclosure for the chimpanzees and the apes know there is something going on next door. Jambo the hairless chimpanzee is kicking the door and trying to look through the little space between the wall and door. The alpha male with his pouting lips shows everyone who the boss is.

Big Silverback Gorillas Shows Everyone Who’s Boss


The big gorilla is not having one of his best days. Oumbi is getting agitated by the fact that he can’t choose to go inside when he wants to, like he normally can. The reason for being locked out all day is that their inside enclosure is having a refit with new climbing frames and ropes. The family keeps looking through the windows to see what is going on inside. All that waiting doesn’t play well with Oumbi and he lets out his frustration on his family.
This is the first time I’ve seen the silverbaback this agitated, he’s always been a pretty calm gorilla, even when Lope his son teases him.

Gorilla Youngster And Baby Brother Show Off Ballerina Moves


Lope the gorilla youngster has a go at some Ballerina moves. He’s a real pro! 🙂 It makes a change from him being a cheeky so and so. Gracefully showing the public a pirouette. Baby brother sees it and tries doing the same, but he defiantly needs some more help from his big brother.