Annoyed Silverback Pounces On Son Who Screams His Lungs Out

Oumbi the gorilla from Twycross zoo is quite agitated by the fact that he and his family been locked outside all day, because their inside enclosure is getting new ropes and a new climbing frames. Normally he can choose to go inside or stay outside when he wants. As they are all having a peek through the window and door, Oumbi is getting mad and lets his frustration out on his Son by pouncing on him. Lope is screaming his lungs out. Even though it sounds pretty scary, Lope was unharmed and it looked like it was more the shock that made him scream that loud rather than anything else. When Lope walks away, he just looks at his dad as to say: ‘WTF DAD? What was that all about, I didn’t do anything’ and then has a little bit of a sulk and keeps staring at dad. In the end they manage both to look through the window side by side, but the youngster is still cautious and moves out of the way when dad moves.


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