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Bonobo Mother And Baby Cuddling Up In The Rain

The weather is crazy at the moment. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining. The bonobo mother is sitting outside the rain with her baby, even though she can go inside at any time or go under cover by the climbing frame. She choose to sit in the rain with these wood shavings covering her and the baby.


Orangutan Goes Blond On Orangutan Day

It is Orangutan day and people get free entry to the Twycross Zoo that that have got red/orange hair. No matter if it’s natural, coloured, wig or painted on. Unfortunately the Orangutan male decided it’s not for him and made the decisions to go blond instead! 🙂
He’s not only fussy about his hairstyle he is also fussy in what he eats as he pulls out all the brown bits of grass before eating it.

Meerkats Tire Themselves Out Searching For Food

The meerkats have an enrichment day at the Twycross Zoo. Meaning they are getting lots of toys to play with. In this case a toy with food hidden inside. They are vigorously searching for the food in the Toy, so much so that at the end they are that tired that they just collapse on the ball and fall asleep. One of the meerkats is that tired that it’s flat out on his back.

Tidy Orangutan Mother Is Cleaning Toys Away

Twycross zoo is having an enrichment day for the animals and thrown lots of colourful balls and some boxes into the enclosure. The new orangutan mum with her baby in her arms decided it looks all a bit messy and starts cleaning up by putting all the balls back into the box. Still with her newborn in her arms, she then carries the boxes with the balls in her mouth all the way up to the top of her climbing frame. She only drops one red ball! What a champ.

Chimpanzees Get Excited Over Birthday Party

It’s Tulis 10th Birthday. Twycross zoo made the celebration special by putting on a special feast out for the chimps including the layered frozen ice cake. They whole enclosure got decorated with hats, plates and paper chains and lots of scattered food.
Look out for the chimp that really gets in the party mood, by having the paper chain around his neck!! You would of thought he just got caught up in it, but watch closely! He actually looses the paper chain a couple of times and puts it back around his neck!
A great Party Twycross!

Lope The Gorilla Youngster Has Some Quality Time With His Mother

After the scary incident with Lope and his Dad, here is a video that is more heartwarming. Mum and Lope finally having a good play, cuddle and just some quality time together. Baby brother Shufai is playing in the back.
Can I just say a big thank you to all my subscribers for watching and supporting my channel. Of course also to my occasional watchers, hopefully you might subscribe in the future 🙂 It is my pleasure to show you the continuing story of Lope and his family and that you enjoy it as much as I do!