Monthly Archives: July 2017

‘Kissing’ Capybara

The Capybara from the Dudley zoo having a dip in the water. Playing, hugging and as the old lady next to me says: Oh, they’re kissing each other, Oh that’s nice’ 🙂


Hilarious Lope Drumming On Grandma’s Head

I love this one. Lope the gorilla comes up behind Grandma Bidi and starts drumming on her head. Grandma turns around, looks at the youngster in disgust, looking him up and down. Lope looking away as to say ‘I didn’t do anything’ ‘wasn’t me’ rolls backwards and then ‘OK, I just leave then’

Orangutan Family Relaxing In The Sun

Orangutan family is relaxing in the sun. Mother, daughter and the newborn baby cuddling up together in the self made bed. Dad prefers to be on his own with his new sunhat.
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Lope The Gorilla Youngster Circling Around His Dad

Funny Lope is making a big circle around dad Oumbi . The youngster is only brave enough to drum his chest when the huge Silverback is turning his back. The best thing is when at the end Lope has a peak where Oumbi is and only decides to come out when dad moves on.

Adorable Snow Leopard Cubs Close Up

These are the rare adorable twin snow leopard cubs , both females were born in April 2017 at the Twycross zoo in England came close to the window to have a nosy. This is the third pair for mum Irma and dad Suou.
Definitely cuteness overload!
They are an important part of the international breeding programme. Snow leopards are classified by IUCN as Endangered.