Clever Orangutan Youngster

This is what the keeper said: The orangutan youngster managed to damage the window glass by scratching it with a stone. So they put up some electric wire. Now you would think, that would stop the youngster, but it didn’t. They kept finding the wire had been pulled off the window. This video shows the technique the orangutan uses, so she doesn’t get shocked by the wire when pulling it. She wraps the piece of paper around the wire carefully and holds it together ready for pulling, but has a last glance at me. You can see in her eyes that she knows she’s not supposed to do it.
As she only had paper instead of cardboard available today, she wouldn’t of managed it, but it definitely shows the clever thinking and working out the technique.
I think, if I didn’t stand there watching her, she would of tried to pull the wire again with the paper.
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