Celebrating Mothers Of The Animal Kingdom On Mother’s Day


Let’s celebrate the mothers of the animal kingdom on mother’s day!

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Today a compilation of some new clips mostly filmed in the last couple of days from Twycross, Dudley and Chester Zoo in England and a couple of older clips mixed in that I still had.
A new born Lemur baby, just 9 days old! Getting lots of love of Mum and Family filmed on Friday.
An older clip from last year filmed at the Twycross zoo. The armoured leopard mum, with one of her cubs, which she’s trying to get off the tree.
Next an Otter mum and cub making some noise while waiting for their food filmed on Friday.
Orangutan mum and baby cuddling up together filmed on Friday.
Then Gorilla mum with her 6 month old baby still clinging to her arms filmed yesterday.
Another new born! A Dusky Leaf Monkey filmed yesterday. Still ginger in colour, but soon changing to the normal adult colour grey. Look at those eyes!
The next monkey mum and baby are De Brazza’s monkeys.
From Chester Zoo we’ve got the Banteng mum and calf and Orangutan mum and baby filmed on the 6th this month.
A bonobo mum and baby from Twycross zoo and last but not least the cheeky Diana monkey baby and mum filmed both yesterday.


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