Funny Kids Figure Out That Hairless Chimp Is A Male

A Funny video about kids talking about the hairless Chimpanzee Jambo after he bends down and shows off more than they were expecting.
After greeting his mate in the chimp way, Jambo bends down and reveals all. You can hear the kids go urrrgh, oh my gosh, it’s definitely a male. Yeah that’s a male. The other kid says: “How’d you know? ” The other one replying you can tell. They normally have the big bid at the back. I really tried hard not to laugh.
In case you haven’t watched any of the other videos. Jambo suffers from alopecia, which is the general medical term for hair loss. He’s got plenty of muscle and being ‘naked’ certainly doesn’t stop him from doing anything as he is the alpha male in the group.


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