Amur Leopard Mum Doesn’t Want Cub To Climb

New Amur Leopard mum Kristen, from the Twycross Zoo in England has an issue with one of her cubs repeated climbing tries. Keeping a watchful eye as soon as the cub tries again she knocks it off the log. The other cub seems to have free rein. This is the second litter for mum Kristen and dad Davidoff.

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According to the zoo’s website, the cubs’ birth marks a major milestone in it’s efforts to save the species from extinction.

“Recent estimations show the number of wild Amur leopards has now dropped beneath 70 individuals however the exact number is difficult to count as they are so rare,” it reads.

“With around 200 of these leopards in zoos across the world, the new cubs at Twycross will help conservationists hoping to reintroduce the cats and into the wild.”


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