Fed Up, Swearing Keeper At Serengeti Park Germany

A fed up, swearing keeper from the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Lower Saxony in Germany is trying to put the last black and white ruffed lemur into his inside enclosure so he can finish work, but the lemur has none of it. It’s still nice and sunny outside and that’s where the Lemur wants to stay. The animal gives the keeper a run-around and the guy is not pleased at all. He wants to finish work and is getting quite agitated, starts swearing in German and even throws his keys on the floor while saying things like: ‘Ich kriege das Kotzen mit den Viechern hier ( loosely translated: It sucks with those creatures here’ ) Scheiße ( shit), jetzt reicht es hier aber langsam ( I had enough now) and ich will hier weg ( I want to leave).

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